Deafies in Drag Present
Family Night Gone Wrong Tour 2023!

Deafies in Drag is a groundbreaking show that celebrates the intersection of Deaf culture and drag performance. "Family Night Gone Wrong" features duo queens, Selena Minogue and Casavina along with a talented group of Deaf performers who showcase their skills in four different cities, each with their own unique twist on the show. 

"Family Night Gone Wrong" includes skits that explore the challenges and joys of navigating the world as a Deaf person, as well as ASL performances that showcase the beauty and expressiveness of American Sign Language. The performers also engage the audience in a lively game show that puts their knowledge of Deaf culture to the test, comedy stand-up routine that will have everyone laughing, and a feast for the senses, with vibrant costumes, colorful lighting, and pulsing music that will get you up on your feet.

Whether you're deaf or hearing, young or old, a drag aficionado or a newcomer, you're sure to be entertained and inspired by the incredible talent and energy of Deafies in Drag. Don't miss your chance to experience this one-of-a-kind show that celebrates diversity and inclusivity!

*All shows will include professional voice interpreting.*

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Rochester, New York

September 9

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Seattle, Washington

September 30

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Austin, Texas

October 21

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Washington, D.C

November 11

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