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The Director of Events will be pivotal in planning, organizing, and managing Deafies in Drag Tour events. The ideal candidate will bring strategic thinking, strong leadership, and a creative vision to drive the success of each event from concept to completion. This is a remote position with flexible hours for anyone who wants to contribute to Deafies in Drag. The pay will base on a percentage commission from 5% to 15%. Travel is not required, but if you wish to appear at the events, it is welcomed, and the travel cost/lodging will be covered.


1. Event Strategy and Planning:
- Collaborate with Deafies in Drag to understand their event objectives, themes, and requirements.
- Develop comprehensive event strategies that align with Deafies in Drag goals and ensure seamless execution.
- Create detailed event plans, including budgets, timelines, and resource allocation.
- Research and recommend innovative event concepts, themes, and formats.

2. Team Leadership and Management:
- Lead a cross-functional team of event coordinators, designers, vendors, and support staff.
- Delegate tasks and responsibilities while providing clear direction and guidance.
- Foster a collaborative and creative environment that encourages teamwork and idea-sharing.
- Conduct regular team meetings to track progress, address challenges, and celebrate achievements.

3. Vendor Coordination and Management:
- Identify and select appropriate vendors, suppliers, and partners for various event needs.
- Negotiate contracts, manage vendor relationships, and ensure adherence to quality standards.
- Oversee logistics such as catering, decor, transportation, and more.

4. Budget Management:
- Work closely with the Finance Manager to develop and manage event budgets, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost control.
- Monitor expenses and revenue streams to ensure events remain within budget constraints.

5. Creative Direction:
- Collaborate with creative teams to develop event concepts, branding, and visual identities.
- Ensure the overall aesthetic and design elements align with the event's theme and purpose.
- Oversee the production of promotional materials, stage setups, signage, and multimedia presentations.

6. Logistics and Operations:
- Oversee logistical aspects, including venue selection, setup, security, transportation, and guest accommodations.
- Develop contingency plans to address potential challenges and ensure smooth event operations.
- Coordinate with relevant authorities to secure necessary permits and licenses.

7. Attendee Experience:
- Focus on delivering exceptional attendee experiences by overseeing registration, guest services, and hospitality.
- Anticipate attendee needs and provide solutions to enhance their overall event experience.
- Collect and analyze feedback to continuously improve future events.

8. Post-Event Evaluation:
- Conduct comprehensive post-event evaluations to assess successes and areas for improvement.
- Analyze event metrics, attendee feedback, and financial performance to provide insights for future planning.
- Prepare detailed event reports and present findings to clients and stakeholders.


- Experience in Event Management, Hospitality, Marketing, Business, or a related field.
- Proven experience (2+ years) in event planning and execution, with a track record of successful events.
- Strong leadership skills with the ability to effectively motivate and manage diverse teams.
- Excellent project management and organizational skills, including attention to detail.
- Exceptional communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills.
- Creative thinking and the ability to envision and execute innovative event concepts.
- Proficiency in event management software like Google Workspace and Airtable.
- Strong problem-solving abilities and the capacity to remain calm under pressure.

- From 5% to 15% Commission Pay
- Opportunities for professional development and growth within the Deaf business.
- Engaging and collaborative work environment with a passionate team.
- Chance to create memorable events and leave a lasting impact on clients and attendees.
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